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Zwischenstand Fexit

Ich bin nun seit 14. März sozusagen auf Facebook inaktiv und ich vermisse überhaupt nichts. Irgendwie ein geiles Gefühl auf einmal noch so viel Akku am Ende des Tages am Smartphone übrig zu haben.

Mein Facebook Konto werde ich noch eine Weile bestehen lassen, da ich nicht in Versuchung kommen möchte, da noch grob drin rumzustochern. Der aktuellste Post dort sollte die Leute noch eine Weile hierher führen, sofern sie mich suchen sollten.
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Breaking out of facebook - drawbacks

I am living one week without logging into my facebook account directly. Problem one arising is that I am using its sign-in on some (older) platforms which do not allow me to use different logins as they "do their verifications that way" - as if it would be so hard to create spam/fake facebook accounts to pest them.

Anyways. Account stays passive and I'm not missing a single thing in my life. And yes, you can look up cat videos on youtube directly ;)
deletefacebook facebook fexit

Sayonara Facebook-App!

Alright. The facebook app on my mobile is now gone. #fexit or as other people would call it #deletefacebook is making quite some progress.
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Giving up on Facebook messenger

Now it's time to kill the next beast in my life sucking my energy - the facebook messenger. Nothing big to be honest as it's just a communication app which I hardly used anyways... if there wouldn't be FB nagging all the time.

The main FB app is something I can't get rid of THAT easily as I have to check through some accounts if I have had social logins used. Besides that I may miss one or two games on my mobile if I kill that one off. But that's a topic for a different day
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Aye. Still, one has to give these organisations every opportunity to disappoint 😉

I mean, they're building a datacenter in canada. For privacy reasons. sure.

Der Ausstieg - Teil 1

Nachdem ich nun mal den FB Aussieg antun will, sehen wir was die wirklich sozialen Netze können. Mal sehen wie die Leute reagieren werden... #breakingthenews
#breakingthenews facebook fexit news
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